An Upcoming Centennial Celebration

Ready to break out your party hats and birthday wishes?

Well, next month – on September 6th to be exact – pioneering African American writer Richard Durham will join Pulitzer Prize winning poet Gwendolyn Brooks, singer/actress/activist Lena Horne, and American president John F. Kennedy, by turning 100 this year.

Apparently, 1917 was a very good birth year!

To honor Durham’s 100th birthday and his legacy as an inventive radio and TV dramatist, insightful  investigative reporter and committed advocate for freedom, I’m currently producing an audiobook version of Word Warrior: Richard Durham, Radio and Freedom.  This audiobook will be read by award winning narrator/actress Robin Miles. Talk about being excited!

And to get you excited about this forthcoming release, I’ve included a couple of short audio excerpts below.  Please enjoy, and I’ll let you know when Word Warrior – the audiobook – will be available to be listened to and celebrated!

From Word Warrior: Chapter 2 – Rural Wanderings


From Word Warrior: Chapter 4 – Radio Beckons    (An excerpt from Durham’s 1941 script, Disasters of War, about famed Spanish painter Francisco Goya during the early 1880s)

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