Season’s Greetings: Heading Into A New Year

This month, many of us may find ourselves sitting on the edge a virtual cliff,

staring into the vast unknown of the coming new calendar year. While we sit there, anticipating what feats we plan to tackle and the challenges to be slayed, we might first want to take stock of where we’ve been in 2016.

For me, this year has been a whirlwind of teaching, learning and sharing. Since December 2015…just three months after the publication of my first book Word Warrior: Richard Durham, Radio, and Freedom…I’ve traveled between America’s East and West coasts, enjoying the warmth of southern hospitality and the kinetic energy of book lovers in northern, midwestern and western cities. I’ve even crossed the Atlantic “pond” to experience the sights and insights of new friends and associates in London and Oxford, England.

Blessings all.

Of course there have also been setbacks, not the least of which has been living through an extremely ugly and divisive election year. Yet I will remain vigilant and cautiously hopeful as 2017 approaches.

I want to thank everyone who read any of my web posts, attended a book reading/signing event or just shared words of encouragement. I’m so happy that Word Warrior was identified as a one of the top ten books by journalists-of-color last December by My book also made the Washington, DC-based Teaching for Change organization’s recommended reading list, and Word Warrior was a 2016 Phyllis Wheatley Book Awards finalist.

How wonderful it has been to talk about writer Richard Durham’s life and pioneering work in private homes, theatrical venues, colleges, libraries and museums. So please feel free to click on the following links to view my featured appearances at the Museum of the African Diaspora (San Francisco, CA) and the Library of Congress (Washington, DC).

And have a bountiful, peaceful, book-filled and joyous holiday season!

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